Sunday, February 11, 2024

Stagestruck & Other Short Plays

I’m very pleased to share with you that I’ve published a collection of my comedies titled Stagestruck & Other Short Plays (formerly published under a different title by Smith Scripts). These plays are perfect for community theatre and regional theatre companies. All eight comedies are family friendly and fun.

Here is a description of the comedies - A celebrity animal actor gives an up close and personal interview in The Sirius Interview. An out of work clown and a young mother form an unlikely friendship in Tru Story. A mother and daughter share a bumpy ride in Car Ma. The Dogs of Paradise wait for their owners to finish serving sentences in Purgatory. An actress, longing for work in theatre, collides with true love in One of Those Places. New York actors rehearse a play about New Jersey in Stagestruck. The muse of comedy inspires a sleepy playwright in Jack and Thalia and a long overdue phone call between two siblings has some surprising interruptions in How Are You, Sis?

To purchase a paperback or ebook of Stagestruck & Other Short Plays, click the book cover on the side bar. 

Wednesday, January 31, 2024

New Poem

Delighted that my poem "Runaway" is published in the latest edition of Discretionary Love. You can read the poem by clicking here.

Wednesday, November 1, 2023

A New Poem in Confetti

Thank you to the editors of Confetti Magazine for including my poem in their fall issue. You can read the poem or listen to my recording of it by clicking Evening Gown

Sunday, August 13, 2023

Irresistible Impulse


Delighted that my monologue about sibling rivalry between a family's robot and their little dog is part of the 2023 Equity Library Theater Festival.

Image: © Monsit Jangariyawong/

Friday, June 30, 2023

Review of My Family Was Like a Russian Novel

The poems in My Family Was Like a Russian Novel by Carla Sarett are about loss and grief - loss of a loved brother and loss of a long ago time. "The Nest," a childhood memory poem, recalls family nights at the drive-in movie when "there were bright stars and ocean, / but all I saw were rows of station / wagons and dads carrying popcorn."  An imagined heaven of "Tiny Grandmothers," "Their pocketbooks filled with silver / wrapped Hershey's kisses, rolls of cherry / red Lifesavers, they never forget" is whimsical and lovely. "Beautiful Meeting" is a deeply moving tribute to the author's brother. All the poems in this chapbook are imagistic and imbued with gentle courage. An award-winning essayist and novelist, Sarett's writing is beautifully crafted and elegant. This chapbook is no exception.

You can purchase a copy by clicking My Family Was Like a Russian Novel

Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Virtual Play Festival

Delighted that my 10-minute comedy "The Sirius Interview" is part of the Equity Library Theater Virtual Play Festival. Hope it causes a smile or two! If you enjoy the play, you can vote for it by texting the number on the Equity Theater Library Website